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In The News


New York Times
Check us out in the NY TimesDaily Journal
San Mateo Daily Journal – April 28, 2014
“GreenCitizen on top of e-waste: Burlingame company diverted 2.5M pounds last year, aiming for more”Forbes
Forbes – January 2, 2013
“24 Electronic Products Per Household — Got Recycling?”SFC
SFC – December 28, 2012
“E-waste recycling becomes techie’s mission”Care2
Care2 – December 28, 2012
“Your Old Phone Shouldn’t End Up In a Landfill in Africa”

Bloomberg – December 27, 2012
“Who’s Turning Your Old Electronics into Profits?”

Bloomberg – December 26, 2012
“Post-Christmas Recycling Saves Outdated IPods From Dump”

NBC Bay Area
NBC Bay Area – September 29, 2011
“California Academy of Sciences Celebrates Being Green”

Berkeleyside – April 21, 2011
“For Earth Day, a new e-waste recycling center in Berkeley”

PRWeb – June 24, 2009
“GreenCitizen Launches Electronic Recycling Membership Program”

The Father Life
The Father Life – January 15, 2010
“Offload Old Gadgets Now”

ABC TV: Seven on your side – January 4, 2010
“Bay Area green buildings strive for LEED certification”

BusinessWeek – January, 2010
Updating Corporate PCs

PBS – FrontLine World – June 23, 2009
“Drowning in Electronics – Where the Law Stands on E-Waste”

San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Chronicle – July 20, 2007
“Some Items Hard to Recycle”

San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Chronicle – July 20, 2007
“Communities Rally to Recycle Electronic Debris”

Metro – March 21, 2007
“Toxic Trash: Silicon Valley is spreading millions of tons of E-waste around the globe”

Palo Alto Weekly
Palo Alto Weekly – November 9, 2005
Getting rid of gadgets

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